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Belmont hills

Belmont Hills

Nestled between El Camino Real to the East and I-280 to the West, most residents of Belmont Hills enjoy breathtaking views, abundant wildlife and a canopy of trees. I wake up every morning to the sound of birdsong. Belmont has serious regulations limiting the cutting down or even trimming of trees, especially mature native heritage trees such as Live Oaks, Cedars and Redwoods. They also have areas set aside as nature trails and tiny neighborhood parks dotted throughout. Cipriani Elementary school has a dog park adjoining it where canines (with their owners) daily enjoy frolicking, socializing and running off steam.

There is a big tradition of parents walking their kids to school up here. So, in addition to the parents dropping their children off, there are many hand in hand or side by side with their little ones taking that early morning walk. There are also dog walkers. There are bicycle lanes and even streets where bicycles are allowed in the middle of the lane. This area has few sidewalks so everyone steps carefully. There are traffic calming devises such as speed humps to make sure vehicles stay at a slow enough speed for safety. School mornings and afternoons have a crossing guard posted by Cipriani and Fox schools for additional security.

 You may notice a bench with "Bob" carved on it on the sidewalk by the Cipriani intersection. The story behind the bench is a number of years ago, a very personable crossing guard named Bob decided to make every driver's day a little brighter by smiling and waving at them when they stopped at his intersection. Pretty soon, a tradition was started and Bob became a beloved figure. When his health and legs started to fail, the homeowner on the corner made that bench for him to sit on in between crossing guard duties to rest. Then Cipriani school had an even fancier one commissioned for him. When he passed away, his widow took the fancy one, but the first one is still there as a testament to a very special man and his kindness, love and waving.

 This area's public schools are, Ralston Middle school, Fox, Central, and Cipriani Elementary schools, and Carlmont High school. There are also quite a few private schools and preschools. Belmont even hosts a university: Notre Dame De Namur. Belmont decided to opt out of 'no child left behind' federal dollars and fund their own schools with local taxes. As a result, property taxes are higher here, but so are the children's test scores. Schools are less constricted and can adopt innovative ideas that make learning fun and enriching.

 We recently built a new library with its entrance draped in Wisteria that has become a social hub with free wifi, classic movie nights, and guest speakers (in addition to lending books, music and videos). The lecturers provided have been book authors, a museum curator, and a voice coach to name a few. Usually there are snacks along with the Q and A. There are quiet study rooms for teens, a children's park, picnic tables and even comfy chairs around a gas fireplace at our local Belmont Library.

On southeast side of Alameda de las Pulgas and Ralston is the Carlmont Shopping Center. This open-air mall has just about everything you need close at hand. There is Lunardi's groceries, a nursery, beauty supplies, optometrist, candy store, two ice cream shops, a bakery, Japanese and Chinese restaurants, hair salons, Mexican restaurants, Ace hardware, kitchen and bath remodel showroom, dress shop for prom dresses, dry cleaning and alterations, Pizza parlor, Subway, Starbucks, a Grill restaurant, Liquor store, do-it-yourself car wash, Bank of America...all in a lovely setting with boardwalks and trees and a creek running behind. Nearby businesses cut hair, provide sandwiches, give mani/pedis, repair shoes, make bubble tea and provide swirly frozen yogurt.



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Jeannine Gerkman
Jeannine Gerkman