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Summertime Poem

Summer is almost here. Enjoy this poem "Summertime" that explores this season with all our senses....


Wet splashes from the pool

The smell of chlorine

Children’s laughter

Bees humming in clover


Succulent peaches

Juices sweet and sticky

Dripping down my chin

Tangled hair, untamed


The pop of ice cubes melting

Cups slick with moisture

Gin Rummy and Go Fish on the dusty porch

Salty potato chips


Purple cherries bursting with flavor

Sun out way past dinner

Blackberries stain our lips

Mosquitoes circling


Heat waves rising from asphalt

The smell of burnt rubber

Flip-flops slapping

Sand in my shorts

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Jeannine Gerkman
Jeannine Gerkman