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The feeling of peace and inner calm is something we all want, but is sometimes difficult to achieve. This was written one morning while sitting on a bench looking at an ancient tree surrounded by various varieties of ivy (non poisonous, mind you) at Filoli. The poem takes its name from one of their ivy varieties.



The clicking of cicadas

Birdsong calls and answers

The rustle of squirrels scampering

Crisp daisies peeking through slender grass


A compact bird comes to visit

Perched to near invisibility

In its network of branches


Tree trunk's texture reminiscent of an elephant's limb

Rough and gray,

Magnificent, old, powerful,

Decidedly serious


Swallows swoop and glide in this morning's air

Catching their breakfast

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Jeannine Gerkman
Jeannine Gerkman